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Natural Gas: A Misnomer

27th January 2020

Energetic Gases: A Glossary

26th January 2020

CfP: RGS 2020 – On Methods of Thing-Following

23rd January 2020

New Chapter: Materiality, New Materialisms

15th January 2020



The Fixity of Flexibility

4th July 2019

CfP: Special Issue – Histories of Flexibility

9th May 2019

Event: Chemical Kinships – RGS 2019

4th April 2019

Event: CfP ‘Thermal Geographies’ RGS-IBG 2019 Annual Conference

4th February 2019



Senior Research Assistant – Lancaster University

18th October 2018

New Paper: Security and the Subsurface – Geopolitics

18th October 2018

New Paper: Inorganic Becomings: Situating the Anthropocene in Puchuncavi – Environmental Humanities

26th June 2018



Teaching: Energy (In)Securities – Winter Semester @Tübingen

22nd November 2017

New Paper: Circulations Beyond Nodes: (In)Securities along the pipeline – Mobilities

22nd November 2017

Guest Blog: Hard to Follow Things – Natural Gas

22nd August 2017

Review: Dobraszczyk et al. (2016) ‘Global Undergrounds: Exploring cities within’

4th August 2017

Teaching: Student Debate

26th July 2017

New Paper: A Material Politics of Citizenship – Citizenship Studies

23rd June 2017

Teaching: Contemporary (In)Securities – A Student-Run Course Blog

22nd June 2017

Update: eThesis Now Available – Securing Natural Gas

23rd May 2017

Recommendation: “Security/Mobility: Politics of Movement”

10th February 2017

Event: AAG 2017 – “Exploring the Modular, Material and Performative Politics of Security”

20th January 2017

Abstract: Governing Gas: Energy, Security, Circulation

20th January 2017



Undergraduate Guide: Reflections from the Other Side

17th July 2016

Video: Debbie Lisle ‘Nested Mobilities’ Keynote (Durham, 2016)

15th July 2016

Event: ISA 2017 Panel “Modular Performances of Security”

1st June 2016

Video: Timothy Mitchell ‘Carbon Democracy and the Corporate Future’

6th May 2016

Longform: A History of Gas Governance (1)

29th April 2016

Event: Moving Together, Exploring the Nexus between Disparate Approaches to Movement (Durham, 4th May 2016)

27th April 2016

Short: The Frost on the Pipe

27th April 2016

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