Event: AAG 2017 – “Exploring the Modular, Material and Performative Politics of Security”

AAG 2017 – Exploring the Modular, Material and Performative Politics of Security

Organisers: Peter Forman & Nat O’Grady

Session dates and times tbc.

Critical geographies and security studies have led the way in dealing with the complex material entanglements and transformations that underpin and organise, but also complicate, modes of governance and security (Adey and Anderson, 2012, Aradau, 2010). Insight has been unearthed with particular efficacy, we feel, when security has been thought of as a set of practices and performances (O’Grady, 2015). Examples of such performances range from moments of interface with digital technologies; at the front line in an emergency’s wake or real-time unfolding; or at the borders between nation states. Whilst such practices might be said to hinge upon lively material objects in their execution, they must also be appreciated for their constitutive effects, whereby they bring into being new material conditions.

In organising these panels, we encourage participants to reflect upon the politics behind security practices and the ways in which these politics may be unpacked, through exploring their constitutive materialities and the new material conditions that they bring about in their performance. In this manner, we hope to examine the different ways in which security practices are configured, attending to their logics, aesthetics, temporalities and spatialities, along with the material assemblages and affective forces that rise to prominence in their performance. In so doing, we hope to call to the fore and open up the politics of dynamic material and immaterial security practices.

Keywords: Security, Governance, Modulation, Agency, Assemblage, Performativity, Emergence, Relationality, Mobility

SESSION (I) Exploring the Modular, Material and Performative Politics of Security – Novel Security Strategies and Datafied Mobile Governance

Marieke De Goede

 “The Chain of Security”

Ilia Antenucci

The Security of Logistics and the Logistics of Security. Privatizations, Power Assemblages and Political Order”

Btihaj Ajana

Datafied crossings and the embodied refugee”

Till Straube

Interfacing Predictive Policing Devices”

Lior Volinz

Privatized and Pluralized: Modular Security provision with and beyond the State”

SESSION (II) Exploring the Modular, Material and Performative Politics of Security – Socio-Material Performances and Subjects

Elspeth Oppermann

Energetic entanglements with heat: the (in)security of workers’ bodies in the practice of securing the grid”

Andrew Dwyer

A More-than-Human Security: Performances of a Malware Politics”

Rhys Machold

Relational materializations: waging ‘success’ through mobility”

Patrick Weir

“Becoming Securitized? Assemblage theory and Re-Materializing the Copenhagen school of security studies”

Patricia Noxolo

Reading Erna Brodber for gendered in/securities”

SESSION (III) Exploring the Modular, Material and Performative Politics of Security – Panel Discussion

Discussant: Prof. Phil Steinberg

Panelist 1: Prof. Louise Amoore

Panelist 2: Peter Forman

Panelist 3: Prof. Pete Adey

Panelist 4: Dr. Nat O’Grady

Panelist 5: Dr. Kimberley Peters


Published by peterjamesforman

Peter Forman is a Senior Research Associate at Lancaster University. His work covers contemporary energy politics, political ecology and materialisms.

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