2013-04-06 14.47.21Peter Forman is a lecturer in the Institute for Political Science at Eberhard Karls University of Tübingen, Germany. He specialises in security, circulation, and material politics.

Peter completed his PhD at the Department of Geography at Durham University (UK) in March 2017. Supervised by Professor Louise Amoore and Professor Ben Anderson, his doctoral research explores security’s manifold performances in relation to the circulation of natural gas.

More broadly, Peter is interested in exploring the political lives of various troublesome and challenging circulating ‘things’. He attempts to trace the ways in which these entities become perceived to present particular kinds of opportunity and threat, and documents the challenges that they present for governance. Central to his work is an emphasis on how security scholars need to better attend to the specific qualities of the circulating entities in focus (bodies, materials, ‘things’), the ways in which these qualities necessitate particular kinds of security practice, and the ways in which these practices actively transform travelling entities in the process.

Current Teaching:

  • Convenor: “Critical Security Studies” – Level 3 BA/Masters

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Email: peter.james.forman[at]outlook.com

Twitter: @PeterJForman1

Address: Raum 025, Melanchthonstr. 36
72074 Tübingen, Germany




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